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SKULLMATES By Luke Twigger

Okay, so there's another yet artist who has created a series of skulls. Big deal, right? But Luke Twigger's Skullmates also function as tabletop storage. More than just a decorative item, the glazed earthenware skull has a removable 'brain' made of vintage fabrics.

Embellished with high quality transfers and the occasional spot of gold lustre, the skulls can hold anything from buttons to pasta.

Note that they are not dishwasher safe, so if you choose to eat from them, you'll have to hand wash them.

Each Skullmate is lovingly handmade and comes numbered and signed.

'The Skullmate' (2009), shown above is made of glazed earthenware, ceramic transfers, gold lustre, vintage fabric, stuffing and measures 4.5" x 5". You can buy it here.

The Skullmate/City Edition celebrates and reflects its surroundings, this could be cultural, mythical or just purely beautiful.

The first in a brand new series of Skullmates, The Skullmate/City Edition/Nottingham nods its head toward the City's most famous darling, Robin Hood. Using gorgeous, forest green, vintage woolen fabric to create the cushion, complete with natural feathers; it's definitely more stylish than his band of merry men:

To inquire about purchasing The Skullmate City Edition Nottingham, contact Luke Twigger.

• Also worth nothing are his wonderful wall mounted vases, "All Deer, No Antlers" in which you can place flowers where the antlers would be on a earthenware mounted animal head.

All Dear, No Antlers (pink), 2009:

All Dear, No Antlers (romance), 2009:

Both the above are created in editions of 9 and are available from Opus Interiors.

See more of Luke Twigger's work here.

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