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The COL-LETTO Bed Is So Inviting, You'll Have Trouble Keeping People Out.

I've written about some super high-tech multimedia beds (the Hi-Can,the Somnus-Neu, Karim Rashid's beds for Hollandia) but this one is almost the opposite. The COL-LETTO bed, which received this year's Elle Decor International Design award, designed by Nuša Jelenec and produced by Lago of Italy is womb-like in its appearance.

The cozy bed has a turtleneck-like frame made of soft foam available in various colors that can be rolled up or down and can fasten in place with velcro. Matching side tables for the bed are also available from Lago.

It's the kind of bed that people just want to plop into.

images courtesy of Lago and Elle Decor
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