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For Budding Designers, MoMA Kits For Modern Kids (And Their Parents)

Chronicle Books has introduced an innovative and uniquely playful new line of children's products created in collaboration with New York's Museum of Modern Art. Through original formats and eye-catching design, these irresistible books and kits are designed to inspire and foster creativity that lasts a lifetime.

The Modern Playhouse and Modern Family are DIY kits with modular pieces and removable vinyl clings so you can create numerous variations of your own modern home and family.

MoMA Modern Play House

Includes: 6 nesting boxes, 8 mix-and-match furniture pieces, 12 removable vinyl clings, and endless possibilities. Recommended for ages 3 and up.

MoMA Modern Play Family

This hip press-out family includes 5 people, a cat, a dog, a doghouse, and over 150 mix-and-match vinyl cling clothes.

A part of the MoMA Modern Kids collection. Recommended for ages 3 and up.

Chronicle Books also made this cool stop-motion video to showcase the creative possibilities of the new MoMA Modern Play House and Modern Family:

Of course you can buy these at the online MoMA store BUT as part of the promotion, you can purchase these kits directly from Chronicle books with free shipping and 30% off if you use the code MoMA at checkout here.

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