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A Carousel Clock & New Animal Jewelry from Hao Shi Design

Known mostly for their whimsical jewelry lines of rings and necklaces which pair sterling silver with white 3D animals, hao shi design studio of Taiwan has just come out with a moving tabletop clock shaped like a carousel, The Merry Go Round X Clock, and new double rings, the Crocodile 2X ring and the Hippo 2X ring.

The jewelry.

Their newest additions are these Animal rings that fit over two fingers:

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The Merry-Go-Round Clock

As described by hoa shi design:
The Merry Go Round clock connects time and memory by Merry-Go-Round. “Happiness” is the immediate feeling; however, “the memory of happiness” will extend to the infinity as time goes by. We therefore insert the element of time in this carousel.

A boy's vigorous movement is the second hand. The minute hand symbolizes a mother, who company with her child continually.

above: the numbers on the pillars represent the time.

The hour hand is like a father who steadily guards his family. The close relationships and interactions between them convert into the flow of time.

price $140.00, buy the clock here.

all of the above items can be purchased at the haoshi online store here.

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