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Another Round Of Look What I Found; More Unique Products From All Over The World

Time for another round of Look What I Found. Unusual and interestingly designed items from all over the world.

1. Eclipse Baby Cradle by French interior architect and designer Thierry Bataille:

Above is Theirry's prototype of the Eclipse Cradle. The cradle is intended to be produced in the near future and will be available at Kids Love Design

2. The Propose Cushion by Korean designer Jeong Eun Lee:

This product is not for sale, but see more of this designers unusual work at her site.

3. The Serralunga Holly All by Philippe Starck:

A giant indoor outdoor vase that doubles as an armchair. Available in white or titanium with yellow. Buy it here.

4. The 4 Vase Dresser by Latvian designer Stanislav Katz:

4 Vase Cabinet is a contemporary perspective on a classic French "bombe" cabinet. Four spacious drawers give plenty of storage room to keep your belongings with style. Handmade in EU. Available in various colors. You can see an article on the making of the cabinet here . Available for purchase here.

5. The Grand Splatch Rug complete with diving board by Pupsam:

The Grand Splatch (Splash)  Rug emulates a swimming pool  and even comes with a stainless steel diving board. Designed by PUPSAM (David Puel and Thomas LibĂ©).

The 380 x 340 cm area rug is made of wool and silk and comes with the stainless steel diving board covered in leather (which can come in a color!). Only 2 were made. Contact Galerie Maad for availability and price.

6. Embroidered denim football and soccer balls by Emperors of Honour:

American footballs and Soccer balls (European footballs) are made of denim and embroidered with jade, red or white tsunami waves and a painted dragon head.
Buy them here

7. The Grass Mirror Window Box by Jean-Jacques Hubert:

Designed by Jean-Jacques Hubert for Compagnie, the Grass Mirror is an indoor window box of highly reflective polished stainless steel that is wall mountable. They are sold as individual boxes but can stack upon one another like the images shown.
Buy it here.

8. Australian Duann Scott's Structural Steel Skull Ring:

This unique skull ring is from Australia based Duann Scott's unique Bits To Atoms Collection of structured jewelry made using modeling software. The Structural Skull Ring is 3D printed in Bronze Infused Stainless Steel.

Available in sizes 4 to 14. Each ring is 3D printed to order by Shapeways in the Netherlands. Buy it here.

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