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What You Need To Know About The New Apple iPhone iOS4

Because MacRumors did such a great job with their live feed of this morning's WWDC Keynote event, I can give you the upshot of the new iPhone iOS4 features, specs, price and availability as well as photos of the slideshow presentation.

I've dumbed it down to some fundamental points and left out much of the developer speak. I hope most of this is clear enough for the layman.

General info:
• iPhone OS is now iOS 4
• 100 new user features
• iPhone 4 powered by Apple A4 chip.

• 32GB of storage, quadband HSDPA/HSUPA
• iOS4 has multitasking, folders, retina display integration, enhancements to mail, camera and photo apps, much deeper enterprise integration and tons of new features
• search engine now includes Bing, Google is still default

• Can view all inboxes for mail:

Battery Charge:

• Bigger battery plus A4 processor, 40% more talk time.
• 7 hours talk time.
• 6 hours of 3G browsing,
• 10 hours of WiFi browsing,
• 10 hours of video.
• 40 hours of music.
• 300 hours of standby

External Design:

• 9.3mm thick, 24% thinner than current iPhone.
• Glass on front and rear with stainless steel running around the side.
• comes in white or black
• external buttons, volume up and down, mute, front facing camera. Micro-sim tray, Camera with LED flash on back.

• Top has headphone jack, second mic for noise cancellation and sleep/wake button.
• Bottom has mic, 30 pin connector, and speaker.
• 3.5" display, same size, 960x640.


• 326 ppi. 800:1 contrast ratio also 4x better than 3GS. Uses IPS technology for superb color and wide viewing angle.
• Retina Display has 78% of the pixels of an iPad right in the palm of your hand.

• Apps automatically run full size but look even better because iPhone OS automatically renders text and controls in higher resolution.
• Text is sharper

• iPhone 4 has a Gyroscope.

• Gyro makes rotation much better, smoother, faster.
• Gyro joins 4 other sensors, accelerometer, compass, proximity and ambient light sensors.


• 5 megapixel camera
• Backside illuminated sensor.

• 5x digital zoom in camera app and tap to focus with LED flash.

• Camera records HD video

• Now has iMovie for iPhone.

• Record, edit, and share HD video right on your phone.

• LED flash can stay on during video recording
• One-click sharing.
• Can export to 360p, 520p, and 720p.
• Tap to focus video with built-in video editing. 720p at 30fps.

Organization/ Folders:
• Folders can be renamed and go in the dock.
• Automatically names folder based on category of apps inside.


• Three stores on the iPhone: iTunes, iBooks, and App Store.


• iAds for one simple reason: To help developers make free and low-cost apps for users.

•Animated just like a flash ad.
•When you tap on it, it fills the screen or you can hit a button in the top left to close the ad.

Face Time (Video calling):

• iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 video calling, anywhere there is WiFi (Apple calls this "FaceTime".)
• Apple will ship tens of millions of FaceTime devices this year so there's going to be a lot of people to talk to and devices that work.
• FaceTime WiFi only in 2010, quote "Need to work a little bit with the cellular providers."
• Portrait and landscape mode is supported.

• Both front and rear camera can be used, switching is easy, All you have to do is make a phone call. No set up required.

Cost and availability

• iPhone 4 in 88 countries by end of September.
• Canada not in initial batch of countries that will get iPhone 4 on launch.
• iPhone 3GS will be $99.
• On sale June 24th.
• Pre-orders begin June 15th
• Up to 6 months of early eligibility for an iPhone
• AT&T is making an "incredibly generous" upgrade offer.
• Price with 2 year contract: $199 for 16GB model, $299 for 32GB model.

• iOS4 upgrades for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G (with not all features supported), and iPod touch (again with not all features and no first generation) for free on June 21st.

• colored cases available for 29$

Worldwide release info - July for following countries:

Apple's video:

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