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Carlo Colombo's Cuna Bathtub For Antonio Lupi

Recently introduced at this years Maison et Object show was the Cuna bathtub designed by Italian architect and designer Carlo Colombo (who also designed the Vascabarca-Barcavasca boat shaped bathtub) for Antonio Lupi.

The modern bathtub has a built in backrest and comes in two color variations; white on white and olive green exterior with white interior.

The one thing I have to say, being relatively short in stature, is that, although I haven't sat in this tub personally, I fear that if you weren't tall, and couldn't anchor your feet at the end of the tub, you might continually slip into the water . But that's just speculation on my part.

What do you think?

above images courtesy of Antonio Lupi and Contemporist.

Carlo Columbo's stone carved boat-shaped tub for Anotnio Lupi:

You can see the limited edition Vascabarca- Barcavasca Tub here.

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