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Happy And Not So Happy Valentine's Day Gifts.

Valentine's Day gifts for both those who are head over heels and those who have loved a heel.

Great and hip Valentine's Day gifts for those in love:
Here are over 100 gifts that truly are unique, memorable, hip or collectible. Many are custom, one of a kind and all are romantic. No crappy gold-filled jewelry or heart soaps on here. Just the good stuff.

Shop for the gifts above and over 100 romantic gifts from my Seriously Good Valentine's Gifts list here

Anti-Valentine's Day gifts for those who'd rather celebrate the massacre:
Valentine's Day isn't all hearts and candy for everyone. With the single population higher than ever, divorce rates increasing and those who's hearts are on the mend, here are some products for those who'd rather celebrate the St. Valentine's Day Massacre than the holiday.

Shop for these and see over 30 Anti-Valentine's day gifts on my I Hate Valentine's Day list here

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