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Funky Find Of The Week: Ibride's Stackable Bowls Become Ming Vases


 A new version of the famous Ming vase by Ibride, available in white or sensual glossy red with new captivating graphics. A beautiful ''Ming'' vase with the traditional chinese form. Open it and it becomes a table service with 6 pieces. Each container is decorated with Asia influenced patterns and graphics. Six stackable melamine dishwasher safe bowls that become a Ming Vase.


 The sets are composed of 6 pieces: 2 bowls : Ø 14.5 cm x H 6 cm et Ø 11.5 cm x H 7 cm: 2 saladbowls : Ø 23 cm x H 11 cm et Ø 21 cm x H 10 cm: 1 servingplate : Ø 23 cm x H 5 cm: 1 small pot with its lid (sugar bowl) : Ø 10 cm x H 6 cm 

  The White Ming: 

The Red Ming: 

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