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Designer & Artist Mannequins for Ralph Pucci International

Pucci Manikin Co., which is now Ralph Pucci International, was originally a mannequin repair company begun by Leda and Nicholas Pucci in the 1950s, in the basement of their Mount Vernon, New York home.

above: Ralph Pucci in his NY showroom (photo courtesy of New York Daily News)

Pucci's son Ralph joined the business in 1976 and then took it over in the 1980's. He then transformed it into a company that created high-end mannequins in the likenesses of top models and collaborated on mannequin designs with top fashion designers and illustrators.

above and top image: Pucci's Madame Mannequins

I'm going to show you some of those amazing mannequins today.

Of course they are also known for their pricey high end unique pieces of furniture, interior decorating, hotel designing, lighting and graphics designed by some of the most influential innovators of this time.

Literally hundreds of beautiful mannequins, clothed and au naturel, sculpted and/or painted, have graced the showrooms of Ralph Pucci International. Too many to show you in one post. But here are just a few of my favorite collaborations.

Anna Sui:

Chelsey Maclaren:

Jeffrey Fulvimari:

Kenny Scharf:

Laura Ljungkvist

Maira Kalman:

Michael Bartalos:

Patrick Elie Naggar:

Robert Clyde Anderson:

Ruben Toledo:

Like I said earlier in this post, there are too many to share them all with you, but there is a book!
Show by Ralph Pucci, 192 pages, 154 color illustrations, published by Glitterati Inc, 2009

Buy Ralph Pucci's SHOW book here.

• Check out this nice feature the SeeSaw blog did on a 2008 tour of the Pucci mannequin factory.

above: detail of a photo by Liza Cowan for the See Saw blog factory tour article

If you'd like to know more, here's a nice and interesting 2009 article on Ralph Pucci and his company from the New York Daily News

Ralph Pucci International

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