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For The Giant Chess Fan. Or The Fan Of Giant Chess.

Some people put a tennis court in their backyard. Others, a pool. But for those who like to engage in a game of Chess, there's another option; Nomi Klein's oversized fiberglass chess pieces and boards.

For use indoors or outdoors, the large pieces are crafted of fiberglass and then hand painted by Nomi in various finishes. High gloss, matte or custom colors to work with special designs or environments are available.

Some of the finishes:

The pieces range in size from 43" tall for the King to 33" tall for the Pawn and each weighs approximately 12 lbs. The board guidelines for the chess sets measure 16' by 16'.


The Chess sets have even been highlighted in the Robb Report...

...and several exist in commercial spaces like hotels, spas, shopping malls and even MTV Real Life houses.

These do not come cheap. A full set of 32 chess pieces (not including the board) will cost you $11,250.00 USD. You also have the option to buy individual pieces for $500.00 each. Prices do not include shipping and handling.

Ah, the games rich people play. Literally.

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