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Modern Treehouse is 1 of 5 Finalists For House Of The Year.

Rockefeller Partners Associates' stunning Mandeville Canyon Treehouse is presently up, along with four other modern homes, for Arch Daily's Building of The Year . Voting ends today, and all the nominees are shown here later in this post.

The Treehouse home, on Banyon Drive in Los Angeles, is perched upon steel pylons that are naturally integrated into the surrounding trees. With a butterfly roof, the 16 square meter home is perched upon an eastern facing ridge, giving it a wonderful view of downtown Los Angeles.

The interior floors and walls are made of walnut wood and the exterior is high grade cedar. Designed for a nature loving artist, it serves as both as a studio and as guest accommodations. The tree house is completely self-sufficient with a water closet, fireplace, refrigerator, daybed, and television. Outside, a quick walk down the stairs leads to a protected and private outdoor shower.

Rockefeller Partners Associates (RPA)
all photos are courtesy of Eric Staudenmaier for RPA

The Other Four Nominees

Also nominated for Arch Daily's Building Of The Year are some of my other favorites:

the Hemeroscopium house

The Casa Y House by Sousa Santos Architects

The House Of Ruins by NRJA

The Villa Vals Underground home (which I'd actually written a huge post on but then it appeared on so many sites and blogs, I refrained from publishing it)

The voting has now closed. The winner was:

read about the House of Ruins project here.

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