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Limited Edition Hermes Leica M7 In 2 Colors & A Little Less Pricey Than You've Heard

UPDATE: Apparently some of the images in my original post belonged exclusively to another site, who kicks this blog's ass in popularity and readership. I had found the images on a different site (which I had credited), but they had removed the original watermark, unbeknownst to me. That said, I received an email today from the site to whom the images belonged, asking me to please remove all their images or to include them with their watermark. I certainly understand their frustration at my innocent error. So, some of the images you now see differ from those in the original post.

Once again, luxury brand Hermes teams up with Leica to bring us a very stylish, very expensive (but not as expensive as previously reported by Wired and Engaget) camera. Limited to only 200, the camera is embellished with either the original Hermes Veau Swift calf leather in their classic Orange or a khaki Brown. The luxury camera comes with a matching strap, an anodized silver 35mm lens, and of course, stunning packaging. And it'll cost you just under $11,000 (tax not included)

There are only be 200 units (100 of the orange and 100 of the brown) made of the Leica M7 Hermes Limited Edition camera worldwide. Each is signed and numbered.

above image from wirefresh

The Leica M7 Hermes Limited Editions have a serial chrome finish and show many differences in comparison to the serial camera. The top plate has the typical classical style with engraved Leica lettering. The normal red Leica logo is eliminated in favor of the body color. All control buttons are made of metal. The camera back cover has the silver chrome finish. The engravings "Auto" and which are normally filled in with the color red are filled with the color of the leather covering. The leather itself is the original Hermes calf leather Veau Swift and has a decorative seam. Aside from the normal serial number, each unit of the edition has an individual number, 001/200 to 200/200.

Leica Summilux-M 35mm/f1.4 ASPH silver anodized finish
The Leica 35 mm lenses are the basic equipment for M-cameras and are very popular. The Summilux 35mm/f1.4 ASPH is one of the references in the fast wide angle field. The silver anodized version with the limited edition cameras is the same weight as the black version as the silver anodized surface is based on aluminium. The lens is completed by the classic round lens hood made of metal with silver anodized finish which is manufactured exclusively for the limited edition cameras. Front and rear caps are made of silver anodized metal.

above images courtesy of ebay, where this brown one was for sale by Photo Arsenal Of Hong Kong, but has already been sold.

But there's another for sale on ebay here.

The Leicavit-M i s mounted instead of the camera bottom plate. It gives the limited edition Hermes cameras not only a special appearance but a fast shooting option with aperture priority of the M7.

Carrying strap:

above photo courtesy of Leica Rumors

The carrying strap of the limited edition cameras are made by the Hermes ateliers in Paris and are of the same quality as the body of the camera. The strap will be delivered in an original Hermes cotton pouch with the Hermes logo.


above image courtesy of breuget camera on ebay

The camera, lens, lens hood and Leicavit are arranged in a high quality robust decorative case which is linen lined outside and lined with silk inside.

Some sites and blogs such as Wired and Engadget reported in November that the camera was going to cost $14,000, but that is not the case.

The best price I found was actually from the Leica Shop at $10,943.16 (VAT not included)
Or for $2,000 more, you can buy them at Adorama for $12,950.00 USD...

And no, this is not the first time Hermes and Leica have collaborated on a camera, in 2003, 500 Hermes edition Leica M3 cameras were made.

•unless otherwise noted, all images are courtesy of Leica

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