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Funky Find Of The Week: Randy Wood's Rubber Pillows & Erotic Homewares

The 12" square pillows made by Randy Wood are three dimensional and cast from a single mold. Available in red or black, you can choose from nose, face or... a dick.

Made with rubber, canvas and filler, they are bizarre but beautiful in their own weird way.

above: The face pillow

above: The nose pillow

above: The dick pillow

He actually has some G-rated ones like wings and hearts (shown in the first picture in this post) which I found over at urban peel. Those sell for $75.00 a piece, but the site is presently under construction.

Want to see the Randy Wood website? Check it out, but be forewarned, you should probably be 18+ because he clearly has a fixation with the male anatomy. The site sells erotic homewares (knobs, wall hooks, trays, candleholders, leather notebooks... even carving knives) all with the cast head of a penis as the design element:

The site proclaims that Porno vases and table Lamps are coming soon!

Buy the pillows and the above erotic items here at Randy Wood's site.

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