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Noon Solar Fashion: Bags That Take Charge

Noon Solar creates bags for people who are equally conscious of style and sustainability. Their bags combine durable solar power charging capability with sustainable design and American based, socially responsible manufacturing.

Their previous collection (which is sold out):

.... and a sneak peek at some of the new, soon to hit the market, styles (courtesy of Goldarths):

Noon carefully chooses materials for their sustainability, longevity, and beauty, to design and create the next generation of totes and satchels. Using natural pigments, we hand-dye our hemp and cotton fabrics in house and feature only chrome-free leathers which have also been naturally dyed and tanned. Because natural dyes can vary from dye bath to dye bath, each bag is one-of-a-kind.

Their Noon Solar line integrates a flexible solar panel into the body of each bag, allowing it to charge your cell phone or iPod. By integrating solar panels into our bags, we offer not only the convenience of portable power, but also a means to incorporate renewable energy into your daily life.

As stated above, the following styles are all sold out, however, their new 2008 Spring Collection is supposedly available any day now and you can sign up to be alerted as to when, by signing up on their website.

The Cortland:
available in black (shown below) or chocolate

The Willow:
available in steel (shown below) and chocolate

The Logan:
available in chocolate (shown below) or black and chocolate

Solar power:
On the outside of your bag, there is a paper thin, flexible solar panel. This solar panel charges a battery pack located inside the bag to supply power for your cell phone or iPod, day or night. Simply place the solar panel in the bag towards the sun to collect usable energy.

Put it in your window at work, home, car, or on the train; face it towards the sun at a café; or walk/bike around town with the panel exposed. Even on cloudy or rainy days, energy is collected through the UV light of the sun.

On a bright, sunny day the battery should be fully charged in 6-8 hours. On a cloudy day the battery will require a bit more time. The battery pack will hold the sun’s energy for several days.

Included with each Noon Solar bag is a user manual explaining the specifics of solar energy and how to access and use it.


Power Bank
* Selectable output voltage of DC 5.2V, 6.2V, 7.2V. Max output current is 1.8A, working current is 1.1A.
* Internal battery is 3.6V, 3600mAH.
* The battery box will change to power saver mode to conserve the battery while the output cable is NOT plugged in. If the output cable is plugged in, the battery box will change to work mode and will drain the battery even if your device is not plugged in.
* The Power Bank has overload and short circuit protection.
* FCC certified and CE approved.

Solar Panel
* Output is 7.2v, 300mA.
* The solar panel is completely water and weather proofed, and will continue to work even if it wears with age.
* You will not be harmed if the solar panel gets wet.

* Do not damage the battery box or solar panel
* Do not burn or expose the battery box or solar panel to fire
* Please recycle the battery box, dispose of it properly, or mail it to us for recycling
* Do not open or dismantle the box

In addition to the solar bags, they plan on launching a collection simply called "Noon" this coming fall that offers the bags without the solar panels. Find out all about Noon Solar here.

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