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Five Cool Clock Screensavers To Hip Up Any Idle Computer.

With the following five screensavers your computer screen- and now your iPhone, too- will look very hip, whether you are or not.

Below are five (actually 6) downloadable clock/date screensavers that are both well-designed and function beautifully. Some are free, (but a donation to them via paypal would be nice), others are free to try but cost to purchase.

This is an updated version of this post, so most of these have been updated to work on the latest operating systems.

1) The Word Clock

Designed by Simon Heys, the Word Clock is a typographic screensaver for Mac OS X (and now the iPhone). It displays a fixed list of all numbers and words sufficient to express any possible date and time as a sentence. Word Clock displays time by highlighting appropriate words as each second passes. (also available in a few other languages)
Download it here.

Now he also has this newer version available for download:

download the above clock screensaver here

2) The Pong Clock

Pong ® Clock by Buro Vormkrijgers of the Netherlands is both a functional wall clock you can purchase and a free downloadable screensaver for Mac or PC. While this game of Pong ® randomly plays, the so called players score the time. The left player scores the hours, and the right player scores the minutes, creating an unusual timepiece.
Download it here.

3) The Drop Clock

Heavy Helvetica numbers drop into water in super slow motion. Available in white on black or black on white. Mac and Windows. Free to try, $15 to purchase license.
Download it here.

4) The FLIQLO flip clock

Nice, clean and simple. Designed by Yuji Adachi for Mac and Windows.
Download it here.

5) The Polar Clock

Hypnotic to watch. The moving colored arcs represent hours, minutes, seconds as well as month day and date. By Pixelbreaker. In it's third iteration, it's available for Mac, Windows, as an OSX widget and now available for the iPhone.

Download it here.

Other clock screensavers worth noting:

Clockness is a site that sells only clock screensavers, most are digital artwork, but they have some cool ones like a binary clock and the very simple clock.

The AJ screensaver lets you choose from 14 different clocks that feature the time and date including the handwritten clock by Yuga Nakamura and a nice looking timeline clock.

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