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Showpony: Original, Organic
and Very Clever Products

Emma Henderson launched Showpony in 2006 with the aim of producing fun and engaging printed products for the home and accessories market.

Self described as being "passionate about creating new products but remaining committed to sustainable design, all of Showpony's products are made using organic cotton which is hand spun and woven by a fair-trade cooperative."

Emma's designs are clever and unique. Inspired by honesty in nature and poking fun at real life she creates products that are functional and beautiful.

Kippen, her beautiful dog, takes a more passive role.

Now, the products:
Vintage Shoppers

These totes are simple bags made of fair trade organic cotton, but printed upon them are images of Victorian and antique handbags and purses that give the product both a fun illusion and unique style:

"Hiding Place" pillows and purses contain a secret of their own.

What appear to be seemingly sweet floral pillow and purses, these "Hiding Place" products by Showpony have a fun little twist. The fabric between the pleats reveals a darker side:

Above: between the pleats lurk spiders and ants

Hot Dogs:

The Adorable Hot Dog Water Bottles feature a bulldog named Daisy and an airedale named Jack. Filled with heat and lavendar, these puppies are microwavable and will hold their cozy heat for up to two hours.

Kitchen Commandments

Another product that makes you look twice are her fair trade organic cotton kitchen towels.
Upon close inspection, one can see that the text on 'Keep it Clean' and 'Do The Dishes' are made up of crawling ants and dirty dishes, respectively.

So, where can you buy these cute, clever and politically correct products?

In the US, you can purchase them at her Etsy store here.
In the UK, you can by them from All Things Original here.

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