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Lovegrove & Repucci Now Do London Delft!

If you're a hipster, chances are you are familiar with Lovegrove & Repucci, the creative duo about which I've blogged before. Their latest "must have" is their new dinnerware, London Delft, a follow up to their very hot New York Delft Dinnerware.

The classic tradition of Dutch Delft craftsmanship now has a London calling. The ‘London Delft’ Porcelain dinnerware collection, new from Nicholas (Nick) Lovegrove and Demien Repucci. Each place setting is made of fine porcelain and has five pieces; a dinner plate, side plate, soup bowl, cup and saucer.
$100 for each five piece place setting.

above: the 10.5" dinnerplate from their latest London Delft Dinnerware

Above: dinner plate detail

Above: the 7.5" side plate

Above: side plate detail

Above: the 8" soup bowl

Above: the cup and saucer

And for those of you who have not seen the original New York Delft Dinnerware, here are some images from that collection:

above: New York Delft Dinnerware set

Above: Dinnerplate from the New York Delft Dinnerware

Buy either fabulous set of Delft Dinnerware here.

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