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Want A Timeline Of Your Interests, Blog Posts, You Tube Videos & More? Then Dipity Do!

With a profile and a group on facebook, a blog on blogger, a twitter account, a Digg account, public Picasa web albums, my cyber life is very public. Granted, this is not my personal life but all related to the blog which you are presently reading.

As if there aren't already enough ways to be privy to what people are doing online, here's yet another, and it's very cool.

Dipity allows you to create and share interactive time lines of posts, your blog, events and more. You can even create a "time tube", a time line of your favorite you tube videos. With several ways to view the time line (as a visual time line, a flip book, as a list or a google powered map) and options to embed or share, there are endless possibilities.

Below are three ways to view time lines of If It's Hip, It's Here. Each format includes all my blog posts, photos from my public Picasa web photo albums, posted videos from my you tube account, my tweets, my Diggs and my Pandora music choices:

Timeline :

The timeline offers you the option to view it in several formats from the past 100 years to the past day!



What feeds can be added to Dipity?

Profile feeds such as RSS feeds, twitter, yelp, pandora, last fm, you tube as well as blog feeds from blogger and wordpress allow you to create rich and engaging time lines of all your interests.

Dipity began in April of 2007 when three long time friends realized they'd all been imagining the same product. They quit their day jobs and in April of 2007 formed Underlying Inc. and started making Dipity.

Dipity launched in march of this year and is made of up Benjamin Garrett, BJ Heinley, BK Gupta, Derek Dukes, Devin Curry, Eric Douglas, Madelaine Puster, Ryan Romanchuk and Zack Steinkamp

So you're thinking, I don't want to make a time line of my stuff, it's not all that interesting. Well, then go browse the time lines on there...there are over 20,000 and you can search by category or interest. You can view the most recent, the hottest or the most popular. You can embed and share or make your own timeline public or private.

Big 50 Cent fan? check out a timeline all about him:

Prefer The Beatles?

What are you waiting for? Make one of your own or check them out.
Dipity Do!

Or See The if It's Hip, It's Here timeline.

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