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Viktor and Rolf Say NO to Fashion

 Her eyes may say "yes" but her clothes say "no". And "dream" and "wow".

 The Fall 2008 Ready-to-Wear Collection from Viktor & Rolf literally incorporates the word "no" into much of their new collection. Other pieces say "dream", "dream on" and even "wow". The words appear in various forms: sequined, sewn into them and even constructed in 3D. The new collection also makes use of gold staples which , although sounding odd, look fabulous. Take a peek:

 Below is a whole new way to interpret a wardrobe 'staple':


 Rolf Snoeren and Viktor Horsting are known for their unusual designs.

 Even their Milan boutique is designed like no other. It's upside down!

Above: Viktor & Rolf


Visit Viktor and Rolf online here.

Be sure to see the side by side comparisons of Viktor & Rolf's Fashions with their Restrospective Barbican

 Doll exhibit here


Or the upside down Viktor & Rolf store in Milan here.

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