Viktor and Rolf Say NO to Fashion

Her eyes may say "yes" but her clothes say "no". And "dream" and "wow".

The Fall 2008 Ready-to-Wear Collection from Viktor & Rolf literally incorporates the word "no" into much of their new collection. Other pieces say "dream", "dream on" and even "wow". The words appear in various forms: sequined, sewn into them and even constructed in 3D. The new collection also makes use of gold staples which , although sounding odd, look fabulous.
Take a peek:

Below is a whole new way to interpret a wardrobe 'staple':

Rolf Snoeren and Viktor Horsting are known for their unusual designs. Even their Milan boutique is designed like no other.

Above: Viktor & Rolf

Visit Viktor and Rolf online here.

Be sure to see the side by side comparisons of Viktor & Rolf's Fashions with their Restrospective Barbican Doll exhibit here!

Or the upside down Viktor & Rolf store in Milan here.


Alessandro Segalini said...

So it really rings true that in the first seconds that a person views a message, no matter what the language, it's the images that hold the power to connect, it's the images that make a viewer decide even whether to read a word.

Anonymous said...

i hope the audience was laughing their asses off. how completely retarded.

Anonymous said...

As a stationery designer, I think this is FABULOUS....sort of a walking note card. And the dream coat would ensure plenty of room for the wearer on the subway, bus or elevator. LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

wow i love the belt buckle, thats cool.

Dwaine Hill said...

I love the 08 Spring Summer collection. It makes me want to be a girl EVEN more. haha! But I'll stick with me being male and a fashionista for now.
I completely ADORE the gold staples. The way the glittered as the girls walked...perfect.

Thank you for this blog. I'm glad someone else loves the collection as well.

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the first years wave stroller said...

Okay, some of these are a bit out there, but i guess that's the point. Great concept to be scaled down. There's no doubt that our minds hold on to images for a much longer period so advertising brought to a different level overall.

Razor Rip Rider said...

WOW1 (pardon the pun) i love this collection. who would have thought gold staples could actually look that good. I'm not even kidding here but i love love love the staples idea. I'm off now to ruin a few outfits :)

C'mon people, it's only a dollar.