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De Maria's Unique Lampshades: Art To Read By

de Maria's is made up of two dutch artists: photographer Roos Jooren and textile specialist Diana Maria. Roos and Diana merge their talents together to collaborate on various projects. The electric combination has inspired the artists to create objects outside their own area of expertise.

The two of them have studied at the The Royal Art Academy, The Hague, The Netherlands. The result of this collaboration formed de Maria's whom have created many fabulous unique lamps for commercial or personal lighting.

Above left: photographer Roos Jooren as a child, right: textile designer Diana Maria de Vroet as a child

With both a permanent collection and limited editions, they incorporate embroidery and unique materials as well tasteful, beautifully composed, sexy ethereal photographic imagery by Roos Jooren .

Looking great both off and illuminated, the lamps serve as art in addition to their obvious function.

Above: their latest addition to their line, the Amaranthe, with embroidery on the inside.

Below are more examples of their products:

Some examples of the shades off and on:

Maybe you have already spotted their work at the Bijenkorf? (For fans outside the Netherlands: this is the biggest Dutch department store.) They can be found in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague.

Above is one of two of their lamps available at Bijenkorf, the lamps are called "Bloom" (below left) and "Leaves" (below right).

The lampshades are a limited edition. Each lampshade comes with a certificate so you are sure it's handmade by Roos en Diana.
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Roos Jooren & Diana Maria
Cartesiusstraat 137 J
2562 SE Den Haag
The Netherlands

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