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Product Pick Of The Week: Mirabilia Range Hoods

The MIRABILIA line of kitchen hoods from Falmec.

above: the Manhattan

The line is composed of two versions, Oval or Rectangular. Made of decorated glass and with a light, it's more than a hood for your range or stove, it's a functional design element that provides light as well as ventilation.

above: the Comet

above: the Elektra

above: the Zebra

above: the Natura Gold

above: the Ice

Both designs are available in plain white frosted glass as seen below:

All the designs have very easy access to changing the bulbs:

as well as nicely designed electronic control panels:

Falmec S.p.A.
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31029 Vittorio Veneto TV - ITALIA
Telefono 0438 5025 - Fax 0438 501531

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