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Bert Stern's Marilyn & Lindsay: Side By Side

above left, Lindsay Lohan by Bert Stern, 2008 and above right, Marilyn Monroe by Bert Stern, 1962

Photographer Bert Stern may best be known as the photographer who shot Marilyn Monroe's famous last sitting, a collection of vulnerable and beautiful shots of the actress, taken at the Bel Air hotel in 1962. The photographs are arguably the most famous images ever captured of America's most famous actress. Six weeks after she had posed, Monroe was found dead of an apparent barbiturate overdose.

above: Some of Bert Stern's famous photos of Marilyn Monroe, 1962

As most anyone alive now already knows, New York Magazine's Feb 2008 issue features Lindsay Lohan recreating the shoot now known as "Marilyn's Last Sitting", again shot by photographer Bert Stern.

above: the cover of the Feb. 2008 Issue of New York Magazine with Lindsay Lohan as Marilyn

The shots are fabulous (Stern hasn't lost his touch in the past 46 years) and I wanted to show you them side by side because it's a great comparison.

In the following shots, the original Marilyn shots are followed by the recent Lindsay Lohan images (in case you can't tell which is which!)

Photographs by Bert Stern For New York Magazine:

Styling by Elizabeth Stewart and George Kotsiopoulos/Margaret Maldonado Agency; Hair by Andy Lecompte for Sunsilk/Solo Artists; Makeup by Paul Starr for Chanel/Magnet LA; Diamond rope necklaces and diamond ring by Martin Katz; Loose crystals by Swarovski; Pearl necklaces and pearl earrings by Mikimoto; Pearl ring by Chanel Fine Jewelry; Sheets by Chez M'Lain; Vintage veil and scarves by The Way We Wore, Los Angeles; Nude chiffon flowers by Jennifer Behr; Panties by Eres

And some behind the scenes shots for you from the New York magazine shoot:

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