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Another Twist On Toile: Modern Toile Wall Tiles

Awhile back I did a post on "Twisted Toile", modern takes on the traditional french toile as now found in wallpapers, linens and more. Then just the other day I came across a wonderful addition to the world of trendy toile; some fabulous ceramic wall tiles from Saint Honoré Wallcoverings. The french store also carries wallpaper and like hundreds of other online boutiques, trendy wall decals.

The Munchausen collection of ceramic wall tiles have the look and feel of traditional toile from afar and yet, close up, reveal that they sport such popular contemporary imagery as animals, skulls, birds and asian elements.

"MUNCHAUSEN presents a collection that plays on the notion of frieze, fresco, with the idea of redrawing a toile de Jouy transposed to the anachronistic details on the tiles. Also, their series "Palm Springs" perfect for holiday features superb playmates at the edge of pools sumptuous villas."

Below are the four different takes on toile:

Above: toile de jouy 1

Above: toile de jouy 2

Above: toile de jouy 3

Above: Palm Springs Toile (available in blue or green)

In addition to the Munchausen collection of tiles, Saint Honoré Wall Coverings has three tile collections by french fashion designer Yvan Mispelaere:

Above: Big Bang

Above: Peep show

Above: Splash

They also carry some tiles by Claude Closky and Studio Up! as well as a beautiful line of wallcoverings and a large selection of vinyl wall decals.

Contact info:
Saint Honoré Wallcoverings
Tel : + 33 (0) 6 20 61 37 64
Email :

See the many other items that incorporate modern toile here: Twisted Toile.

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