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Uber Luxe: Luxuriator's Diamond & 18k Glasses and Sunglasses

LUXURIATOR was founded and created in 2004 by Los Angeles based eye wear & jewelry designer Franco Vahe. Franco designed the first pair of diamond-studded Luxuriator sunglasses for a celebrity-friend in Los Angeles, where the brand has evolved into an exclusive and highly fashionable must-have jewelry accessory and trademark.

Above: Franco Vahe with Paris Hilton, sporting a pair of his Luxuriator Shades

The Luxuriator Collection is a modern classic luxury brand of handcrafted diamond sunglasses, with a fashion forward blend of hand set pave or micro pave VS grade, G and F color diamonds set in 18K white, yellow, rose or gun metal gold. Hand engraved and enameled versions are also offered. All temples are made of solid buffalo horn and exotic leathers, combined with top of the line optics. The unique diamond rings on each side are a design trademark created exclusively by Franco Vahe.

Above: the Uno 21, their least expensive model at $5,000.00

The collection consists of 2 main styles; Luxuriator Uno, a single bridge chassis and Luxuriator Due, a double bridge chassis. Each frame style can be made with any of the hundreds of lens shapes available and custom tinted to a clients request. Both styles and all lenses can be made with a clients eyeglass prescription.

Above: The most expensive pair they sell. At $65,000.00, the Due 24 has a 2.0 carat canary diamond and 132 handset pave diamonds, making the total carat weight 3.45.

In April of 2007, Luxuriator launched it's impressive collection worldwide at Basel World.
As time progresses, they claim they are committed to designing new styles and concepts using new materials and new technology combining precious metals and diamonds.

At the moment they seem to have 9 stock models that sell for an average of $7,000.00- $8,000.00 dollars. But they make amazingly unusual custom frames as well.

Buy a pair and you'll be keeping company with the likes of the following celebs, who own one or more pairs; Jamie Foxx, Beyonce, Paula Abdul, Paul McCartney, Pharell Williams, Paris Hilton, Usher, Sharon Stone, Denzel Washington, Sting, Oprah Winfrey and more.

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Telephone: 818.760-8493 or 800.448.2411
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