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Imprint Culture Lab Handbag Design Contest Results

Above: Grand Prize Winner Scott Rench (Chicago, IL)

Well, the handbag design competition from Imprint Culture Lab is over and I'm proud to announce that one of the two grand prize winners is my talented friend and artist, Scott Rench.

Imprint Handbag Design Contest Results
After tallying the nearly 10,000 votes, we now have the pleasure of announcing the following winning designs.
Prizes for each winner are:
- Grand Prize: Louis Vuitton LV Murakami Neverfull Handbag
- Judges’ pick: Louis Vuitton LV Murakami Neverfull Folio
- Honorable mention: $20 Starbucks giftcard

Above: Grand Prize Winner Irene Cheng (Cerritos, CA)
Judge's Pick:

Entry #50 (left): Manoj Nath (Haryana, INDIA)
Entry #76 (right): Christina Conway (San Diego, CA)

Entry #75 (left): Irene Teng
Entry #39 (middle): Ruqayya Ahmad (Redondo Beach, CA)
Entry #98 (right): Nicole Zambolla (Davis, CA)

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