Take Charge: Affordable (and not so affordable) Charging Stations

Take Charge!

First cellphones, then digital cameras, then ipods, then rechargeable batteries, then Blackberrys. And now, the iphone.

So many things to charge. And recharge. Again and again.

It's true that many companies make 'charging stations' nowadays and more and more creative minds are coming out with ways to hide those wires, but if you've ever searched for them at Frontgate or Levengers, you'll find they they run upwards of $150.00!
Not at Kangaroom Storage where they have some options that look very expensive but are amazingly affordable.
Kangaroom Storage is the anal (and frugal) computer geek's dream.

Check out these functional and affordable products:

PHONE PDA CHARGING STATION in Navy Blue or Black ($35.00 USD):

We’re all proud of having the latest (and smallest) electronic gadgets to organize our lives. But what good are they if we can’t find them or the uncharged battery dies right in the middle of a conversation? With our Charging Station you can say good-bye to multiple chargers and their unsightly electrical cords snaking all over your desk. You can corral up to three items and neatly tuck a 10” power strip out of sight behind the sliding door. No room on your desktop for the 13" long Charging Station? You can also mount it to the wall as easily as a clock with two dry wall screws (included). The Charging Station is available in black or navy.

Dimensions: 13”L x 3.75”W x 5”H


Let your electronics sit in the lap of luxury while charging. This sleek faux leather two pod charging station allows you the space to store and charge up to two of the following: cell phone, digital camera, mp3 player, or PDA. Unsightly cords are hidden by feeding them through bottom and out the back of the unit. Available in black, green or red, these charging stations can be a great color accent to any room and make a great gift for friends, family, and students.

Available in black, lime, or cherry. Dimensions: 6.5” x 5.125” x 4.75”


Until electricity is wireless, tangled masses of cords will need to be hidden. Our Black Box Computer and Media Center Cord Organizer sits on the floor and keeps cords out of sight behind a sliding access door. It has two shelves to accommodate modems and adapters, room for a standard or large size surge protector (not included), nine prongs to neatly wrap excess cord, and convenient left and right side openings. Made of flame resistant black acrylic. We covered the ventilation issue by cutting 5 ventilation strips in the back, and 4 2" x 2!2" rectangular cut outs (for cord feed).


Four bottom compartments can accommodate large transformers while the top tray holds five accessories and lots of cords. Customizable labels are included.

The way it works is that it is a double decker unit that has two zippers, one to access each level. They remain attached on one side even when it is completely unzippered. What is great about this product is that there is a separate compartment and label for each charger.The bottom level has deeper compartments and can hold up to 4 more cords or chargers for larger things like laptops, computer accessories, transformers, earphones, etc..

For tech savvy people, it is always a challenge to keep all the chargers and extra batteries straight, especially when you are talking about a family, and each kid has a range of electronic devices that all have different chargers! This is the only product of its kind on the market and I think it really addresses a big need of what to do with all those cords.

Available in black or blue nylon, or brown faux leather.
Dimensions: 13”L x 12.875”W x 3.25”D


Cell phones and Blackberrys and iPods — oh my! — each with its own charger. Tame tangled "octopus cords" with our unique Charging Station. Individual compartments accommodate 4 devices, leaving the cords neatly tucked away beneath a removeable tray. Perfect for the multi-cell phone family or one multi-device person. Available in black or brown faux leather with blue accents. Comes with pre-printed labels or create your own.

The way it works is by laying the electronic devices in one of the four beds (of varying widths for cell phone, Blackberry, small camera, etc.) and running their charging cords through the slot to hide it. The slot opens to a wide space where the accumulation of cords can sit without having to be seen. This area is accessable as the top shelf (for keys and other small loose ends) is removable. There is also a subtle, length-wise opening for the major power connection in the back, hidden from view. So even though they'll never make all your cables the perfect length, at least now you don't have to look at the mess. Surge protector sold separately.
Dimensions: 11.5" x 6.75" x 4.25"

Visit Kangaroom by clicking here

And now some more affordable ones from other sources:

From We Love Macs

The 20150 iPod/iPhone/Cell Phone/PDA Centralized Portable Charging Station (Now on sale for only $24.95 USD!):

Now you can charge 3 devices while you drive.
Transformers are hidden in the back of the unit so no wires to get tangled.
You need only plug the Power Station Traveller into your cars lighter socket or in your home with (optional DC/AC adapter) to get power. Circuit protection guards against voltage/surge overload. Deep well inside has plenty of room for tall transformers, and for excess lengths of cord.

Dimension: Length 11.1" x Width 7.5" x Height 4"
*To order the optional DC/AC adapter please order part number 20155 from we love macs

Regular price: $39.95 pad
Sale price: $24.94 pad

And this family charger from SmartHome for only $19.99:

Now of course, if money is no concern, there are some tragically hip charging stations that are

Not so affordable :

The $180.00 Ebase from A+R store seen below:

Or the MultiPot:

MultiPot Table Lamp and Charger, Design by Dante Donegani and Giovanni Lauda, 2005
Imported from Italy.

MultiPot belongs to a new generation of lighting objects and is the first of Rotaliana products to combine lighting with other functions. This hybrid, multifunctional lamp combines an LED ambient night light with multiple sockets, along with a space to keep cables neatly stored. MultiPot provides new comfort levels, both in the home and the the office by catering for both old and new requirements: our habit of emptying keys and other personal items, from pockets into containers, with new requirements to manage our increased use of rechargeable mulitmedia equipment, home computers and the transformation of televisions into home theatres. With its familar looks, lighting function and translucent finish (to filter the light while masking the electrical cables), the MultiPot is a picture of elegant functionality.
On sale now from $352.50 to $235.00 USD here.

Or the Contactboxen from sweden in a tabletop , floor or wall mounted versions:

•The Box 15/42/14 cm (h/b/d) including feet. Weight approx 3 kgs
•Big Box: 28/42/15 (h/b/d) including feet Weight approx 4 kgs
•Cabinet: 42/16/10 (h/b/d) Weight approx 2, 5kgs

The box is made of black or white laquered steel,
Feet; Black rubber. 1 cm and removable
Top; Oiled solid oak with ten holes for cables
There are holes on one side for wall mounting.

The cabinet is white with front in red, white or solid oak with elasticated cord.

Power board especially manufactured with enough space for six large transformers. The space between each point is bigger and is parallell with the bar itself. No more 45° angles limiting space! The power board has an on-off-switch which we recommend you use for fire-safety reasons.

You can buy the Contactboxen here.

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