A Beautifully Designed Site: The Astier de Villate Online Catalogue

The other day, I came across an online manufacturer's site that was beautifully done.

Aster de Villatte is a manufacturer of tabletop and home accents that is carried in high end boutiques all over the world. Although you can't order direct from their site, you can browse their interactive catalog and locate many stores that carry their products.

But that's not the point of this post. The point is how much fun you'll have looking for those stores, and at their objects, because of the unique interactive presentation of their wares.

In their online catalog, not only is each page a new mystery (click around and find info) but each is photographed beautifully and the animation is pretty darn seamless.

When clicking on certain objects, you will see how they are showcased.
Click on the plates above, for example, and you will get this:

Click again, and it becomes this:

even the search page is very cool:

And the way you choose the country to locate a store:

If I show you anymore, it'll give away the fun, so go check it out for yourself by clicking here.

Credit for this compellingly designed site belongs mainly to:
Sophie Delaporte (photographer), William Simon (webmaster) and Ivan Pericoli (art director).

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