Artists Take The Plunge: Part II, People Swimming

Last week I posted "Artists Take The Plunge: Swimming Pools" and introduced you to paintings of swimming pools; empty, full, still, even at night.

As promised, this week is part II (well, it's so long, I'm actually only showing half the post today, so be sure to visit again tomorrow so you don't miss out on the second half, Part III.) of "Artists Take The Plunge: People swimming in and lounging around Pools."

There are so many wonderful artists who paint swimmers as their subjects, but in this particular post, it's limited to people in swimming you won't see beach scenes here, but you will get your fill of wonderful underwater and above water work.

I'm going to start with some contemporary photo-realistic works by some artists who have captured the essence of light, buoyancy and reflection beautifully.

Lorraine Shemesh and her amazingly lifelike swimming paintings:

Suzanne Vincent's equally talented works:

Or RJ Clark:

and Ernest Ward:

Alan Brown:

Luigi Boriotti:

And the inspiring works of Eric Zener:

And now to share with you some looser interpretations and slightly impressionistic work, I'd like to introduce you to some of David Shevlino's fabulous paintings:

And Stanley Goldstein's wonderful work:

Robin Cheers' Joie de Vivre:

Mark Pearson's Lucy Swimming:

Don't forget to come back tomorrow to see the second half of this post and see various paintings of children in pool, people lounging around poolside, abstracted pools and more!

Part I can be seen here: "Artists Take The Plunge: Swimming Pools"
Part III can be seen here: Artists Take The Plunge: Part III

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