Product Pick Of The Week: Ebon-aide

product description from their site:
New Ebon-Aide™ is the adhesive bandage specially designed for people of color. From the licorice look to mocha, coffee, cinnamon, and honey skin, new Ebon-Aide™ blends with your skin to help conceal as you heal™.

Ebon-Aide™ comes in three different sizes and five different shades. At last you've got it made in your shade.™

If you would like to purchase individual boxes of Ebon-Aide™ adhesive bandages please visit our online store where you can buy individual boxes with secured transactions.

It's about time someone came out with band-aids in various skin tones.
Now, I just have to divide mine up between my summer band-aids and my winter band-aids!!

Read more about them by clicking here.

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