Artists Take The Plunge: Part III- More Pool Paintings

....continued from yesterday's post Artist's Take The Plunge Part II, which featured paintings of people swimming, in and around pools.

Now take a look at some of paintings of children in pools:

A few of Michael Blessing's paintings:

and Wendy Willis' work:

Pipa Lehar's "Poolside":

and Fiona Jack's "Learning To Swim":

Clearly, another popular subject are people hanging poolside, as witnessed by these numerous appealing renderings:

Above: DJ Hall's "Above It All"

Above: Terry Rodger's "Burfield's"

Above: Bea Kuhlke's "The Pool"

Above: Scott Bricher's "St.John Pool"

Above: Laura Loe's "At The Pool"

Above: Kay Crain's "Ladies by The Pool"

Above: Robert Floyd's "Poolside"

And At Night:

Above: Patricia Chidlaw's Girl In Pool

Above: Linda Christensen's Reflection

Not to be missed, are these fabulous, further abstracted depictions of people in pools:

By Isca Greenfield Sanders:

Lisa Wright:


Above: Moto Kotsuki's serene "poolside"

I could go on and on.

I have undoubtedly left out hundreds of talented artists who paint pools and people in them. So, forgive me. I just hope you can appreciate the small sampling of talent I found and find their work as inspiring and captivating as I do.

Be sure to read Part I (great paintings of pools without people) and Part II (paintings of people swimming).

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