Funky Find Of The Week: French Water Ice Cubes by Mail!

ICE ROCKS- secured sealed ice cubes by mail order!

There have been a lot of postings on here about fine waters, but fine ice cubes?

About them:
Better water, better ice, for those who want to have their ice and drink it too - with the same great level of quality. ICEROCKS® are secured sealed ice cubes made from spring water drawn from the Vendée Region of France in the Massif Central. Wow!

These glorious cubes, ready to be frozen, are hermetically packaged in disposable, recyclable containers, providing complete guarantee of hygiene and safety. The ICEROCKS® light mineral water features 37 milligrams per liter of Calcium, 157 mg/liter of Bicarbonate, 42 mg/liter Silica, and Sulphates at 53 mg/liter. Nitrates are ZERO.

Just click on the image above to learn more or to order.

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