Funky Find Of The Week: Your Own Custom Super Hero Action Doll

Ever wondered what it would be like to have a 12" action figure in your likeness?
Well, wonder no more! At herobuilders, you can order just that!

They describe themselves as The Largest and most respected Custom Action Figure, Personalized Action figure company in the USA, These can also be considered Custom dolls or Custom Talking dolls. There are thousands of samples of our custom action figures that you can view and we also make Custom figures, and personalized Action figures that look, talk, & dress just like you, We now have the largest selection of custom action figure clothing and custom action figure accessories in the USA.

Below is an example of Their "Conan" Doll:

and their Will Ferrell Elf doll:

The custom dolls can be made in the likeness of anyone, any age.

It's not hard, either, just a little pricey.

To get your custom 12" action figure, follow the 3 simple steps indicated on their site here.

Non-talking custom action figures are $425.00 for the first one and 39.95 for copy.

Talking custom action figures are $425.00 for the first one and 49.95 for each copy. The sound clip can only be 20 seconds long max, our new voice chips can be programmed and re-programmed by you if you choose.

You can place your order by calling their offices toll free at 1-877-HERO-TOY or they will create an e-payment on-line solution.

Visit Hero Builders to learn more.

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Anonymous said...

Do you want to show what you can make OR actually sell what you can make? Take the price down to $100 and you'll sell millions!

C'mon people, it's only a dollar.