Happy Fourth of July!

How about some Fireworks for your tongue?

Now that it's the 4th of July, time for fireworks and BBQs, I'd like to introduce you to d'Oni products; gourmet condiments that inspire great meals, great health, great conversation and laughter according to founder and owner, Janis Dalessandro.

Having received lots of great press, favorable reviews and is stocked by the most chic of specialty stores, now's the time to try them out..especially since this post includes a 20% off code!

Hungrygirl.com's newsletter featured d'oni sauces today (see below):

Grill Talk...

BBQ time is here! And we wanna help...

Get Saucy! OK -- get this. These special gourmet sauces (great for grilling) from d'Oni are good for you, all-natural, preservative-free, and taste FANTASTIC! All of them ROCK, but our fave is the Bold as Love Honey-Habanero-Mustard. And their Moondance Marinade is worth a mention too. Hmmm, so is their What's Goin' On Soy-Pear-Ginger Korean Teriyaki. Guess we like them all.

Here's the best part -- they each have less than 10 calories per teaspoon and are fat-free! And Janis (the very nice and generous gal behind 'em) is offering 20% off if you use discount code hungrygirl at checkout on her site.

Find these at select specialty stores or order online by clicking here.

Now, fire up those grills....

C'mon people, it's only a dollar.