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Gaultier Makes Fashion A Religious Experience. His S/S 2007 Haute Couture Collection.

Fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier's Spring/Summer 2007 haute couture collection introduced at Paris Couture Week clearly borrowed heavily from art and religion. The stunning gowns, headgear, shoes --even hair and makeup styling are an homage to the Virgin Mary and religious art.

below: Early christian art depicting Madonna and Child; clearly Gaultier's inspiration

His newest collection has a fabulous Byzantine feel and the 'halos' around his models are reminiscent of early depictions of christian art in stained glass windows and paintings.

Some of the fabrics are made to appear as stained glass or religious paintings:

Religious iconography is embedded within many of the gowns:

and some models even carried what appeared to be bibles in the show:

The headgear and gowns are simply stunning. Take a look:

The designer:

Above : Gaultier Greeting The Audience and carrying a white lily, the symbol of the Annunciation

Maybe if I pray hard enough, I can afford one of his gowns....

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