Buy A Lamborghini With That Tax Refund. The Tonino Lamborghini Coffee Machine.

Ah, tax day. April 15th.
Think you're getting money back from the Government this year?

Well, you may not get enough back to buy yourself a Lamborghini (and if you do, can I please have the name of your accountant?), so how about the next best thing to get your motor running?

The Tonino Lamborghini coffee machine.

Limited to just 1,000 examples, the handbuilt machine is a caffeine-lovers symphony in Beluga black, featuring numerous stainless-steel parts, including a front panel that carries the automaker’s iconic bull logo.

Lamborghini apparently even roasts their own coffee beans, so one can see the fun one might have making up Murcielago mudslides, Espada espressos, and so on.

For you? 895 pounds (or around $1750 USD). In other words, most of us can fuggeddaboudit… but perhaps we can splurge on a pound of beans.

NOW ON SPECIAL Here with the following goodies:
Limited edition Tonino Lamborghini coffee machine
Strictly limited to 1000 machines the Tonino Lamborghini coffee machine is a work of art.

Each machine is individually engraved with its number and signed by Tonino Lamborghini himself.

Supplied with

* Free Delivery
* Free 2 year warranty

* Free set of 6 Tonino Lamborghini espresso cups and saucers

* Free 36 Tonino Lamborghini brand E.S.E. coffee pods
* Free Milk Frothing Jug
* Free CD-ROM & printed user manual

Also Includes FREE Barista Kit

The Tonino Lamborghini coffee machine is hand built from the finest materials, the finish and quality of these coffee machines is stunning. The brewing process is operated by the lever which is a reproduction of the famous Lamborghini gear stick. The metal body is finished in hi gloss Beluga black. All the controls are finished in immaculate chrome.

You can use the machine to make Espresso, cappuccino, latte, Americano and other coffee specialties. Or you can just admire the what is undoubtedly on object of beauty.

Ownership of the Tonino Lamborghini coffee machine is as exclusive as the cars themselves.
Technical Specification

* "Beluga" black bodywork
* Handcrafted stainless steel finishing
* Tonino Lamborghini logo engraved on front stainless steel panel
* Tonino Lamborghini signature and Limited Edition number engraved on stainless steel base
* High capacity brass boiler
* Heating surface for cups
* Pull-out plastic water reservoir
* Coffee dispenser with single-dose standard pod system
* Cappuccino maker / steam dispenser
* Separate warm water dispenser
* Soft touch switches with chromium finishing
* Anti-scale filter
* Electrical rating 240V-50Hz
* Power consumption 850W max
* Average power consumption in stand-by mode <50W
* Physical dimensions (HxWxD) 335 x 260 x 330 mm
* Weight 12Kg
* Water reservoir 2lt
* Noise level <65dB

Operating Data

* Operating temperature 10-40°C
* Relative humidity 30-90% non condensing


* EMC (Dir. 89/336/EEC)
* Safety (Dir. 72/23/EEC)
* Environment (Dir. 2002/96/EC – 2002/95/EC)

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