Goodbye Sweet Roxanne. The World Loses a Loveable Pug.

above: A recent and sweet picture of Roxanne taken by Monika a few months ago

I've been very sensitive to animal lovers these days with my little Abbey being as sick as she is.
Yesterday, my dear friend Monika had the difficult task of having to put her pug, Roxanne, down due to the toll that years of arthritis was taking on her.

Rox lived a long and wonderful life with my sweet friend being a loving mother and wonderful owner to this little black pug with lots of character.

In remembrance of Roxanne, and with sympathy and condolences to Monika, here's a few pics.

Above: Monika with Roxanne and Ozwald (also now in the Great Dog Park in the Sky) several years ago

Not to fear, Monika, who opens her heart and home to foster dogs as well as giving love to some of her own, still has Woody (below) to comfort her.

And just so you can see what kind of loving dog owner she is, here are my favorite pics of Monika with my Abbey:

My heart goes out to you Monika.

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