Design You'll Just Eat Up! Cakes by Kate Sullivan

Above: The Warhol Cake

Above: The Mod Cake

Kate Sullivan of Lovin Sullivan Cakes makes the most amazing cakes I have ever seen.I'm not sure I could bring myself to eat them! I simply had to share a few of her edible masterpieces with you, but you can see them all and learn more about Lovin Sullivan Cakes here.

Above: The Tea Party Cake

Above: The Monsoon Cake

Above: The Silhouette Cake

Above: The Kaws Cake

Above: The Guggenheim Cake

Lovin Sullivan Cakes

1 comment:

Jim said...

I've met many a cake-making challenge in my time but I would KILL for a chance to replicate this! Looks like I'd be on my way if I had 4 or 5 pounds of fondant.

C'mon people, it's only a dollar.