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Ross Lovegrove is Making Some Noise for KEF

Above: Ross Lovegrove with his Muon Speakers for KEF

I've always been a fan of Ross Lovegrove's work and his newest creation for high end audio manufacturer, KEF, is no exception. The text below is from the April issue of Wallpaper.

The hallowed walls of Milan’s Science and Technology Museum played host to the launch of a groundbreaking pair of speakers yesterday evening.

'Muon' is the product of a union between the historic British audio company KEF and visionary industrial designer Ross Lovegrove. Standing two metres tall, the speakers are made from super-formed aluminium, which, like vacuum forming, uses heated aluminium sheets to bend around seemingly impossible shapes. The end result appears more like art than technology.

But the technology is every bit as impressive as the visual design. A four-way speaker system with powerful bass drivers produces an exceptionally clean and open sound regardless of the room’s acoustics.

As part of the launch the international creative branding agency Moving Brands created an audio responsive visual installation to showcase the speakers in action. They created a platform in front of the speakers that reacted in real time to the music being played, creating a light display to add a 3-dimensional demonstration of the sound quality. In the vaulted Sala del Cenacolo, where the speakers were showcased with the installation, the effect was truly sensational.

Berlow is a video of the launch:

Only 100 pairs of speakers are to be made and don’t let the fact that Robbie Williams has put his name on the waiting list put you off.

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