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Illustrated Insoles by Remind. Art That Provides Support.

After years and years of skateboarding, snowboarding, and pain... Remind began as a collaboration of 30 plus years of research in bio-mechanics, bio-medicine, as a common sense solution for one simple goal: To live the dream less painfully.

Remind Insoles have succeeded in creating an aftermarket orthotic insole that has the quality and benefits of a medical, full custom, doctor prescribed orthotic, but made affordable to the average person. And in a bunch of fun and wacky designs reminiscent of R. Crumb, Rat Fink, Psychedelic 60s and Hippie Tie-dye.

The Cush Series


Hippie foot:

Travis Rice:

Lizard King:


The Cush was the first self-forming orthotic insole to fill the void in the skateboarding and snowboarding industries pioneering the path for foot body health, longevity, and awareness. With it’s biomechanical and anatomical engineered design to correct the foot and body into proper alignment, the end result is: alleviated stress on the joints, better posture and circulation, enhanced strength and performance, and heightened balance and stability. The Cush is built with the highest quality of materials for heavy impact absorption and abuse. It’s self-forming capability makes it ready to go out of the box and and will mold to your specific foot and arch shape hassle free with no need for any type of molding process.
$29.95 each

The Medic Series

Skull Blast:

Big Foot:


The Medic as a three layer foam impact rebound system covered from toe to heel with “BLUE MAGIC protection. The Medic is made up of the highest quality materials from fabric to the foams that will withstand the heaviest of abuse. You can now have the confidence to jump down anything with its enhanced construction to endure the heaviest impacts and shock blows. Biomechanically and anatomically designed to correct the foot and body into proper alignment, the end result is: alleviated stress on the joints, better posture and circulation, enhanced strength and performance, and heightened balance and stability. Anti-microbial fabric system that reduces hot spots and blistering, and keeps the feet cool, dry, and odorless.
$39.95 each

The Remedy Series



Travis Rice:

Made in the USA The Remedy is our most foot structure supporting insole that offers an intricate arch support system consisting of a semi-rigid insert that is calculated to support and flex with the foots natural movements without ever losing its integrity. Equip with a Tri-foam deep heel seat construction that covers all the needs of self-molding, fast rebound, and high impact absorption and protection. Precise anatomical foot alignment to promote correct posture, stacking of bones and joints, enhanced strength, endurance, balance, and stability. Helps reduce pain from plantar fasciitis, flat feet, peroneal tendonitis, heel spurs, bunions, as well as other ankle and joint conditions where support is needed. Recommended for those who require high arch support.
$44.95 each

The bio-mechanics and scientific shape of Remind orthotic insoles is a result of 30 plus years of research and experience in the medical world. Remind is ritually used by the worlds greatest athletes and approved and recommended by renown doctors, physical therapists, and podiatrists worldwide.

Remind Insoles


Arch Support Insoles said...

These insoles are great, because most of the people don't like to insert insoles in their shoes but these type of insoles looks nice so anyone can use them easily!

orthotic insoles said...

Im buying some orthotic insoles as we speak!

C'mon people, it's only a dollar.
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