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Holy Art Project, Batman! Saint Madonna Statues Reinterpreted by Soasig Chamalliard

above: Super Madonna

Here's a wonderfully fun art project by french artist, Soasig Chamalliard called "Apparitions" by Soasig Chamaillard in which she takes existing figurines of the Virgin Mary and re-imagines them.

In the artists's own words:
“I’m a french Artist looking for art galleries in Paris or in others countries to make known my work. About my work I just can say that I don’t use Holy Marie as my subject to shock a catholic public. I like to play with icons like a children with his toys, to try to understand the world which surrounds me.

As P.Auster said, ‘The true goal of art is not to create beautiful objects: it is a method of reflexion, a means of apprehending the universe and of finding its place there’. It’s a truth for me. I try to do that with my sensitivity.”
– Soasig Chamaillard

Geisha Madonna:

Barbie Madonna:

Chameleon Madonna:

GPS Madonna/ Madonna of Guidance:

Fruits and Veggies Madonna:

Kissing Madonnas:

Diversion Madonna:

Cut Here Madonna:

Self-portrait of the artist with Madonna:

Soasig Chamalliard was born in 1976 and attended the Beaux-Artes from 1996-2000.
I do believe most of these belong in private collections and are no longer for sale.

See the artist's myspace page here.
The actual site.


C'mon people, it's only a dollar.
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