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PICTO, The 2D House Symbol Turned Into A Charming Abode For Birds.

Picto created by Birds For Design for brand Qui est Paul? is a birdhouse that offers a modern attractive shelter for small birds. The simplicity of its 3D shape is inspired by the common 2D symbol or pictogram of a house, hence the name Picto, as in pictogram.

Besides its reduced design, it is mountable on different ways: standing on a wooden spike or suspended. In Fall, when all the birds leave the protective birdhouse, it is easily opened from inside in order to clean it properly. The backside clap consists of translucent-grey Plexiglas window which allows you to observe the nesting birds.

Suspended or perched, the cute and colorful Picto fits all gardens and balconies and it available in tons of color options.

Material : Polyethylene HD (Leg is wood)
Dimensions : Nest box : 25 cm x 20 cm x H 28,5 cm - Leg : H 140 cm

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