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The Baddy Is Back. Now in Big and Baby Sizes, The Hip Garden Gnome Is Also A Lamp.

You may recall that I introduced you to an adorable modern colored resin garden gnome a ways back. Normally I am anti-garden gnome, but the Baddy was definitely the cutest outdoor bearded decor I'd ever seen. Designed for the Italian plastics and polyethylene product company PLUST, he's now available in a mini size as well as an indoor/outdoor lamp in two sizes.

Original Baddy
“Baddy” is a colored resin sculpture by design by JoeVelluto (JVLT) and Alberto Fabbian

Suitable for both outdoor and indoor settings, the original baddy comes in 8 different finishes including a luminescent version that acts as a “dwarf guard” thanks to a luminous resin that absorbs light momentarily and then releases it for several hours, making it a small presence in the night.

- coloured: dull green, white C2, fucsia, acid green, pearl black
- lacquered: white, black
- metallized: gold
- special effect: photoluminescent

Mini Baddy
 Now, the Baddy also comes in a mini version as well (three colors only):

Mini Baddy:
- coloured: white C2, fucsia, acid green

The Baddy Light (original):

Portable and versatile small luminous sculpture suitable for indoor environments. The Baddy Light can be used as a courtesy light in domestic environments, or as a cheerful and informal luminous object to customise rooms, hotel rooms or environments where there is traffic. Baddy Light is available in various colours and two sizes to adapt to the various types of uses and contexts.

- basic colours: neutral
- colours: fuchsia, acid green

The Baddy Light (mini):

Small abat-jour with a white LED light kit, suitable also as mood light.

- basic colours: neutral
- colours: acid green

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