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It's a Treehouse. It's a Brewery. It's The Treehouse Brewing Company.

The other night I was watching Treehouse Masters on Animal Planet and caught an episode where Pete Nelson and his crew from Nelson Treehouse and Supply were constructing a 200 foot treehouse that would function as a brewery tasting site for the craft-beer loving folks who own The Mohican Cabins and The Grand Barn, a popular wedding venue in Ohio.

Nelson's team, along with three Amish Carpenters, took four weeks to construct the 200 square foot treehouse. Suspended 22 feet off the ground, the charming micro-brewery has a 40 foot extension bridge that leads you to the front door.

The treehouse was designed to look like an old Ohio barn from the 1800s, painted bright red and outfitted with a $10,000 Gothic stained glass window.

Inside, a custom bar was designed with old wine barrels, a fully functional brewing set up and a European-style draft system.

The tap pull has a special hand crafted wooden tree house atop it:

And there's even a plumbed outhouse neatly tucked on the side:

This is actually the second treehouse that Pete Nelson and his crew built for property owner Kevin Mooney, the first being a honeymoon cabin suite with with three queen beds, two showers, a full kitchen and satellite TV.

The Treehouse Brewing Company (not to be confused with the Tree House Brewing Company in Massachusetts) will be run by Mooney's son and, in addition to their own craft beer, they have others to taste as well. Check it out next time you're in Ohio.

Catch Treehouse Masters on Animal Planet Friday nights at 10PM  (ET/PT)

some images courtesy of Nelson Treehouse and Supply, other images by Quin Mooney and courtesy of Animal Planet and The Mohican Grand Barn blog.

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