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IndyPlush - Endangered Species Plushies and Cool Stuffed Toys With A Conscience.

IndyPlush, who creates imaginative, adorable and hip plush toys made in Los Angeles, has just launched their Endangered Species collection (some shown above) from which a portion of all profits goes toward educational or wildlife protection organizations. But before showing you that collection, first a little background on the company and their original line of plush products.

IndyPlush Original Collection:

It all started with Plinio Garcia and Andrew Ruesch's son Luke, who was in Franceil Masi’s kindergarten class. Masi, who is not only an elementary school teacher, but also an artist as well as an author and illustrator of children's books, annually asks her students to draw a picture of an animal at the end of each school year. She then turns them into plush toys as a remembrance.

above: Luke's dog is now one of their best sellers.

When Luke brought his plush dog home, Plinio Garcia and Andrew Ruesch loved it. At the next teacher conference, they asked Franceil if she wanted to start a business and that’s essentially how IndyPlush started. Now, Luke’s Dog is one of their best sellers.

above: the Large Owly is their priciest plush at $99

Cute, cuddly and cozy with an edge (moustaches, skeletons and pirate patches), the toys are made with sustainable and eco-friendly materials in Los Angeles. They presently offer 26 different plush toys with prices ranging from $30 to $99 depending upon style and size.

Bunny Skelly in various colors:

Long and Short-haired Wooly Cats:

Spiny Monsters in various colors:


Skelly Cats and Señor Cat:

Señor Pigwy:

Owly Pirates in various colors:

The pink, bald Love Monster shown in the first image is also available.

The Endangered Species Collection
Now, their newest collection, The Endangered Species consisting of 13 lovable characters from which a portion of the proceeds benefits educational and wildlife protection programs:

Just look how good my own Indy Plush Endangerd Species Tiger looks in my home:

Franceil, Plinio and Andrew now design, create and construct their adorable and hip plush toys in Los Angeles, California and they can be purchased here at their online store.

For other purchase inquiries or questions, please contact

Incredible Sound Mix and Editing Give New Life To Pixar's Monsters, Inc. in Boo Bass

This three and a half minute visual and audio re-invention really impressed me. Boo Bass, an awesome remix by Nick Bertke, is a catchy composition using sounds from Disney Pixar's 'Monsters, Inc.' with fantastically edited footage from the 2001 movie by David Kabisch.

Nick, known as Pogo, records sounds from his favourite games and movies and pieces them together like a jigsaw puzzle to create completely new music. His videos have collected over 40 million views on YouTube, and he's produced remixes for Disney Pixar, Microsoft, Showtime, the United Nations and more. See his work here.

And check out more of the editing work of David Kabisch aka goldpikpikcarrots on his YouTube channel here

You can download this great remix here

More Marvelous Monster Skin Rugs!

A few weeks ago I shared with you a wonderful felt monster skin rug by Joshua Ben Longo of Longoland. Now, I've got some furry friends to keep him company created by The Monster Workshop's Stitches and Glue.

Handmade from luxuriously super soft faux fur with a faux suede underneath (making it less hard wearing on surfaces) this rug measures 30" by 40" and the head is delightfully stuffed for a pillow-like effect.

Each rug is carefully hand crafted, with close attention to detail. The facial features are hand painted and treated with a protective seal. Each claw is hand cast with a cushioned paw.

Please Note: these are NOT toys and are NOT suitable for young children (because it would scare the beejezus out of them). $350.00 USD, Buy the Genuine Monster Skin Rug shown above here at The Odd Luminary

More Monster Rug Options

The Large Luxury Monster Rug (only one available):
The Monster Workshop also has this nice large furry monster (a one-off) available for purchase. This luxury long haired faux fur pelt is super soft to the touch and makes an eye opening centerpiece.

A completely handmade one off creation made from the highest grade materials available. He has colour casted cushioned front claws and handcast and painted facial features.

Measures 70"x50" with a faux suede base that won't scratch the floor.

Custom Monster Skin Rugs:
If you'd like to customize your Monster Skin Rug, he is available in a number of colors and styles (some variations are pictured below) directly from Stitches and Glue.

Grey Stripe 1 Monster Skin Rug:

Pink Monster Skin Rug:

Striped Monster Skin Rug:

Shop for the ones above or customize your own at Stitches and Glue.

Welcome To Longoland! The Curious Creations of Joshua Ben Longo

Well, there truly is no lack of unique talent to be found out there in cyberspace.
Meet artist/designer Joshua Ben Longo and Welcome to Longoland

I stumbled upon this site (not literally using Stumble Upon, however) and to my delight found some of the most curiously cuddly creations; fun furry monsters - complete with anatomically correct poopers and some radically whimsical furniture and clothing done in brushed woven wool and cashmere.

Apparently many of the items shown here are available for purchase upon inquiry, but Longoland plans to open an online store soon. Yay!

"Brooklyn Designs 07"
To successfully portray the Longoland world, Joshua had to not only make the monsters but design and build an evironment to house them. Everything in the image below was designed and built by Longoland.

Some more images from Longoland at brooklyn Designs 07:

"Monster Skin Rug"

Materials: Brushed Woven Cashmere & Wool, Polymer Clay
Small: (approx 18in x 26in)
Medium: (approx 36in x 50in)
Large: (approx 50in x 70in)
Price: Available upon request.

"Monster Skin Chair"

Materials: Brushed Woven Wool, Antique Wing Back Chair
Dimensions: Available upon request.
Price: Available upon request.


Materials: Faux Fur, Wool, Polymer Clay, Polymer Stuffing
Dimensions: Approx.15in x 11in x 10in
Price: Available upon request.


Materials: Faux Fur, Wool, Polymer Clay, Polymer Stuffing
Dimensions: Approx.15in x 11in x 10in
Price: Available upon request.


Materials: Faux Fur, Wool, Polymer Clay, Medium Density Furniture Foam, Wood
Dimensions: Approx.15in x 11in x 10in
Price: Available upon request

The following fabulous pieces are sold:

"A Dictat on Etiquette"

Materials: Faux Fur, Wool, Polymer Clay, Polymer Stuffing
Dimensions: Approx. 36in x 20in x 20in
Price: Sold

"Mano Efferus"

Materials: Faux Fur, Wool, Polymer Clay, Polymer Stuffing
Dimensions: Approx. 15in x 11in x 18in
Price: Sold

I spoke briefly to Joshua via e-mail and asked him if there was anything else I ought to know about him. Amongst some other information, he had a comment that really stood out.

"I make art and design objects that make noises and speak to there owners. I talk to every piece I produce and when they talk back I know the piece is alive and ready to go their new owner." –Joshua Ben Longo

How wonderful is that?
There's a lot more to see on his fun site, be check out his archive of past work.

Joshua Ben Longo is also an Industrial Design Drawing instructor at the Pratt Institute & NJIT and home design consultant. He has an upcoming exhibition in May of 2008 at the Shelburne Museum in Vermont.

You can reach him here.

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