Shake, Shake, Shake. Dogs In Motion Caught by Pet Photographer Carli Davidson.

Pet photographer Carli Davidson of Portland, Oregon will take portraits of you and your pet, be it a dog, cat, goat or even an armadillo. Like many pet photographers, she will shoot them with and without their owners and is more than capable of capturing the special bond between human and animal. While the portraits are nice, it's her series "Shake" that's really worth sharing.

In black and white and color photos, Davidson captures dogs shaking their heads. Ears flying, foam flinging and fur all a frenzy. The distorted expressions - half-grimace, half-smile - are familiar to many a dog owner, but when caught with a camera are truly mesmerizing:

all images ©Carli DavidsonAbout Carli Davidson Photography (from her site):
Carli Davidson is a nationally recognized fine art pet photographer currently working out of Portland Oregon. She has a background in both commercial and documentary photography, as well as over 7 years experience as an animal trainer and caretaker. Her love of both art and animals led her to work as an animal care technician and photographer for the Oregon Zoo, as well as a volunteer photographer for local animal rescues.

Her photography has been published in Portland Monthly, The Atlantic, The Village Voice, The Oregonian, The Portland Tribune, and numerous Zoo publications. She is also a regular photo contributor to Andrew Sullivan’s The Daily Dish.

Her retouching includes products for Cartier, David Yurman, Movado Watch, and Coach and have been published in Vogue, Destinations, NYT Magazine, and People Magazine.

Carli has taught for the Newspace Center for Photography, and The Oregon Zoo, and has spoken at numerous institutions including The Art Institute, and The Evergreen State College.

Carli Davidson LLC
119 SE Main se.
Suit 203
Portland, OR 97214
United States

Visit Carli's site to learn about scheduling a sitting, check out the prices and to see other wonderful pet photography.

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No Ordinary Momma said...

LOVE! I start a photography class at UCLA this weekend and can only hope to be 1/10th as talented as this woman some day!

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH THESE ARE AMAZING!!! Just stumbled on your site!!! xoxo e&a

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH THESE ARE AMAZING!! Just stumbled upon your site. Love it!! xoxo e&a

WendyB said...

I want one of Henry the dog!

Portrait photography said...

I must appreciate your work. You have done a great job. Pets, unlike humans, do not understand what we are trying to do and won’t just pose for the camera! It requires a lot of patience while doing pet photography.

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Anonymous said...

its simply amazing.

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Lake Oswego Vet said...

LOL, these are terrific! Never seen anything quite like these:-) I'm thinking of capturing our own pets photos:-)

JuneBug, Milta and SnowPea said...

So how many towel do you keep on hand for these wonderful models... this is so different from anything I've seen...

C'mon people, it's only a dollar.