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Three Newly Released Krazy Kicks From Puma, Adidas and Lacoste

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Kicks, sneakers, tennis shoes, athletic shoes, whatever you choose to call them, are becoming more like artist canvases than ever these days. These three new releases are good examples of the variation in styles, colors and materials that designers are using to create wearable but wild shoes.

Top: the limited edition Puma Mecha Shoe resembles a toy robot. Already sold out, they expect a second round soon.

Middle: The ADIDAS AZX ZX700Y is a result of a competition. This winning shoe features silhouettes of landmark architecture from across the globe against a pure white premium leather upper.

Bottom: the new Dot Fade Pack from Lacoste uses small dots of color to fade from one to another and comes in several variations, including a black and white one for those who prefer a bit of subtlety.

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