Kobe Bryant & Nubeo's Luxury Watches Are A Slam Dunk.

The Black Mamba is a result of Swiss luxury watch manufacturer Nubeo's partnership with world renowned basketball marvel Kobe Bryant.(Kobe is honored with the nickname Black Mamba for his unmatched ability to conquer the opponent with a quick and deadly precision that is beautiful to behold).

The Black Mamba watch was unveiled this past March at BASELWORLD and there are three different models; the Black Mamba, The MVP (available with black or whisky colored genuine sapphires on the inner flange) and The Ultimate (available with black or whisky colored genuine sapphires on both the inner flange and outer bezel). There are photos of all of the models later in the post.

above: the highest price Black Mamba Ultimate with whisky colored sapphires sells for $285k

The prices start at $25,000.00 for the original model - which is limited to 810 pieces- and go up to $285,000.00 for the Ultimate with whisky colored sapphires.

The Black Mamba:

above: specs for $25k Black Mamba

above: the backside of The Black Mamba

Rubber, Grade 5 Titanium, and Ceramic are the primary materials used in manufacturing the Black Mamba, which claims to have the most complicated case ever built. One-hundred and thirty-one components were used to manufacture the case, excluding movement, dial and bracelet.

Below is the list of components used in manufacturing the Black Mamba.

* Ceramic Case - 2 Components
* The Bezel - 37 Components
* Titanium Inner case - 38 Components
* Crown - 14 Components
* Push Buttons - 24 Components
* Bracelet Fixation - 16 Components

The Models:

The Black Mamba (original):

The MVP Black Mamba
With an inner flange filled with both black and whisky colored sapphires:

With an inner flange filled with only black colored sapphires:

The Ultimate Black Mamba:
With a bezel and inner flange full of whisky colored sapphires:

Or black sapphires in the bezel and inner flange:

To learn more about Nubeo watches go here.

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