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Nike's Air Max 1, from Max to Maxim And Nalden's Nike IAM1 Journey

It has been over 20 years since Nike introduced the Air Max 1, a shoe that revolutionized the industry (at least according to Nike). And in celebration of the shoe and it's newest incarnation, The Air Maxim, there have been some interesting multi-media pieces chronicling the story and history of the shoe.

First off, here's the original Nike Air Max 1 in store ad poster, courtesy of Nike:

From Max to Maxim by Nike:

The Air Maxim by Nike:

The Nike IAM1 Journey is a documented series by blogger Nalden. The following text and videos are courtesy of the blogger.

In his own words:

We all can only look back and wonder how the Air Max 1 became bigger than life. To solve this question I went nitpicking in Nike’s history and jumped into the world of shoes, design and sophisticated media strategies to unveil the secret of the Air Max 1.

My journey starts back in 1987, when Tinker Hatfield’s mental product saw the light of day, and ends with the future of the new Air Maxim. Unraveling the secret of the Air Max 1, I got Nike’s full support.

For my research I got the chance to speak with several legends and designers.



Any city can fire the imagination. Discover Europe's five most creative hotspots through the eyes of their native revolutionaries. Discover Amsterdam through the eyes of blogger/entrepreneur extraordinaire; NALDEN.

Visiting Amsterdam hotspots and related people of the MiNiBar, Momkai, La Melodia (who made the Soundtrack) and HOTEL who designed the Amsterdam map you can download at


The above stop motion tilt shift video of Amsterdam was Directed by Sartoria for Nike Sportswear

Read more about The Air Max 1 journey on

The new Nike Air Maxim.

above: The New Nike Air Maxim (image courtesy of SneakerFreaker)
Read more about it here.

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