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Play, Learn and Laugh: The Fake For Real Memory Game

This fun boxed game is based on the same simple premise as other 'memory' games, only it's a clever, well-executed version for the 18+ crowd. Lie the 60 included cards out face down and flip them over two at a time in hopes of matching the pair. If the cards do not match, place them back down and continue until you've matched the pairs. Only in this case, the 30 pairs contrasts one 'real' photo and one 'fake' photo.

What do I mean by a clever, well-executed version? Take a look at some of the FAKE/REAL 'pairs' from the game:

designer: Hendrik-Jan Grievink.
About the editor: Koert van Mensvoort is a philosopher, scientist, researcher and artist. He is an assistent Professor at the Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands and co-director of the All-Media foundation, an organisation that researches and visualizes current cultural issues. Among his works are the Datafountain, the TV documentary The Woods smell of Shampoo and the Fake for Real memory game.

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Other equally creative and well-executed memory games from the same publishers, BIS Publishers, are Twins, Visual Power, Amsterdam and soon to be released...Typefaces!

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And the Typefaces Memory game is to be released this coming November.

Buy the Fake for Real Memory Game here

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